Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bediaks/Mechiras Chometz, Brushing beard, seforim, afikomen. By Chany Gniwisch

I remember the rush in babby's house to put tape on every last cabinet that was being sold before abba came downstairs.  he wrote each one down - "top cabinet to left of refrigerator in kitchen" etc...
and of course, the beard crumb cleaning after each matzah eating in the corner of the dining room.
and the piles and piles of seforim on babby's windowsill
and the entire afikomen in his mouth to be swallowed at once...

Chumros book by Shmuli Gniwisch

Aba was always reading the book  we called "the big fat book of chumros" that came out yearly with new chumros from some godol in boro park.  He had a lot of respect for the author.

Memories of Pesach - by Judy Mellul

 My memories were from Fairmount St where we had moved into a lovely big house that had carpeting and your Aba, a'h' took many many hours meticulously looking for the chometz and my mother a'h' just behind him because she was afraid of candle wax on the new carpet!  I also remember the chumros of having all the matzo in his mouth before swallowing (and I remember him almost choking) and many many hours of discussion with cousin Henry Fistel, all very intellectual and beyond my comprehension. and then of course the singing at the end of the hagodoh.