Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being Misameach Chosson Vkallah - by Chaya Simon (as told by Chana'le)

There was one singer that Zaidy didn't like. Once he was asked why he didn't like that singer he answered, "One day when I was in a restaurant I saw him in a phone-booth. He was yelling at someone. That turned me off." Zaidy also used to add, "We can learn a lesson from this. This singer might be a very nice man. I might have just happened to catch him in a bad moment. But people always judge someone by what they see the first time, even if it's the only time you ever get angry. We must always be careful. We should only do things that we wouldn't be ashamed of letting others see." Zaidy would be invited to around four weddings a week. He would make sure to go to every one to do the mitzva of making the chosson and kalla happy. Even so, he still had time to speak to people. The only time he didn't go to a wedding was when he had made an arrangement with someone else at that time. Zaidy would never take laziness as an excuse. Even if he was very tired he would do whatever he had to do anyway, regardless of how he was feeling.

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