Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seder - by Chaya Simon (as told by Nechamy)

Every Pesach Zaidy would conduct a beautiful Seder and lots of people would come. During maggid, everyone was encouraged to say their own divrei Torah. By the end of maggid it was already well past midnight!! Some people would go home or would fall asleep at some point during the Seder because it was so late! My mother would always make sure to stay awake. She wanted to be there with Zaidy. She described the way it was: It would be two or 3:00 in the morning, the lights would have gone out by then and Zaidy would be learning by candle-light. (It was his minhag to learn Shir Hashirim after the Seder.) My mother would meanwhile be clearing the table and sweeping the floor. Even though she was so tired by then, she cherished those special moments when it was just her and her tatty and she could watch her tatty learning Torah late into the night. Sometimes after my mother finished cleaning the table Zaidy was still learning! When Zaidy finished they would both go to bed, tired but happy. My mother says it's such a lesson for us. It wasn't always easy for her to stay up so late and she would get very tired, but it ended up being some of her most cherished childhood memories.

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