Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trips with Zeide - by Chaya Simon

He must have studied everything there ever was! Even though he knew everything, he was very kind. Sometimes he would take me and my brother to Barnes & Noble. He would let us read in the children section while he would search for books for himself. When he was done he let us pick a book or two of our choice to take home. Last year he took our family, together with my cousins from Switzerland, to a museum. He took us to the dinosaur section for my little cousins, who love dinosaurs. We knew just about everything about every single one. Every fall he would take us on a "fall foliage trip" up the Palisades Parkway to see the beauty of the trees. This year we went a little late for "peak season," but he still showed us all there was to see. There were lots of different kinds of birds flying over the river and he pointed them out to us and even told us what kind of bird each one was. He also let us look through the zoom lens on his camera to see them flying better.

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