Thursday, March 17, 2011

Introduction to my Zeide - by Chaya Simon

My grandfather was a tzaddik.
In second grade I was asked to identify a tzaddik.
I simply said, "My grandfather is a tzaddik." I now realize that what I said was completely true.
Some people have a great great- great-grandfather who was a tzaddik. My very own grandfather was a great tzaddik and I had the z'chus to know him well.
In Pirkei Avos it says that there are three pillars upon which the world stands Torah, Avoda, and Gemilas Chasadim. My Zaidy was always involved with one of these things.
Torah: anyone who knew him always saw him studying something. He was always with a sefer: at weddings, when he was walking up Kingston Avenue, and even when he was waiting for his computer to load.
As for avoda, davening, he fried to always with a minyan. And on Yom Kippur he would stand up for the whole davening!! He wouldn't sit down at all!! Also he would make sure that all of his children would sit down and daven for the whole
davening instead of running around to play with the other children.
Gemilas Chasadim, he was always helping people. Every Sunday people would come to talk with him. And he would give a lot of tzedaka. He would never turn anyone away. We can all take a lesson from all of his doings and try to do the same.

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