Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comments written about Gedaliah Shaffer at a later kehot sale

The comments are copy and pasted below.

Abie wrote:

With all this sale going on it's a good time to remember a fixture of seforim sales R'Gedaliah Shaffer O"H. Anyone who wants to see a bayis molay sforim should go to his house. His kids say that his sfrom are still the main feature of the house.Whoever ever came into this house is amazed and in awe of the fullness of the house with sforim. At this time of Hay Teves he is missing from our midst at the sforim sales.
Yeshiva children should be brought to his house as an example of a chasidishe house and the rebbe's desire for a bayis molay seforim.

chana wrote:

That's a great idea to bring kids to the Schaffer house. If we want to teach children what the real values are in home decorating we should take tours to see a real chassidashe home with true inner beauty. We should also give credit where credit is due and that means to his aishes chayil who made her house into a true chassidashe home, not with decorations but it is a chassidashe library. Bronya Shcaffer who is a well known speaker adn lecturer and teacher proudly tells her visitors that it's not just books but he knew every single sefer and where it is and what is in it. Being in her house many times as a student I saw the great pride and joy she has in her husband's collection of seforim and books. May this family know only happiness and nachas.

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