Thursday, March 17, 2011

Broad knowledge - by Chaya Simon (as told by Yehuda G.)

. The Shabbos before my wedding I spent with Zaidy and the family. During the Shabbos afternoon seudah there were various guests coming. One of the guests said over a chasidishe story and he began the story by saying, "In Stalin's times" etc. etc. and he went on to say his story. As he was speaking I noticed a twinkle in Zaidy's eye. When the person finished the story, Zaidy, with his usual smile, said "the story could be true, however it definitely didn't happen in Stalin's times. The person was adamant, responding to Zaidy that in this and this sefer, which he had just read on Friday, it clearly says this story, and it also says it was in Stalin's time. Zaidy smiles again and he asks one of the kids to go into the next room, and on the third shelf behind one sefer, you will find the sefer this person is quoting. The sefer was bought to the table and the gentleman, with great confidence, opens to the page of the story and shows Zaidy and says, "You see? It clearly says Stalin ...." Zaidy barely glances over at the sefer, and asks the gentleman to read it again slowly. The person realized at that point that the name he saw was "Stalini" not "Stalin", and Zaidy concluded by saying he didn't know the story, he just knew that in that particular time frame there was no way that this story could have happened with Stalin. Zaidy was a tzaddik in every sense of the word. Every person I speak with attests to Zaidy's effect he had on their lives. And the entire world will never be the same without him. May we all be zoiche to see hi soon together with Moshiach

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